Baby Pirate Island


  • Largo: 7.7 mts
  • Ancho: 5.2 mts
  • Alto: 1.8 mts
  • Peso: 118 kgs

Ahoy Baby Buccaneers! Your ship has made port and ready to set sail. Come on board and sail the seven seas of adventure. This fantastic game is part of the Inflatable Depot Baby Collection, which is a new concept in the industry. The Baby Collection allowed our clients to capture a market segment that nobody was paying attention to. In these units parents can play along with their toddlers in a safe and colorful game. The concept is available in five other cute variations that will appeal to everyone: #121 Baby Magic Land, #122 Baby Auto Race, #124 Baby Stock Cars, #120 Baby Dino Lake, and #126 Baby Cosmic Station.